“In the last 5 years of seeking treatment with many top professionals for my shoulder and arm I would rate Lara right at the top. She was able to quickly locate my problem areas and has done an incredible job at releasing a lot of tension in my muscles through her range of excellent massage techniques. I have no hesitation in recommending Lara. Thanks for all your help in treating me so far.”
Leon, Teacher

“Lara’s thoughtful, gentle, confident and knowledgeable approach results in the most expert therapeutic massage one could hope to receive. The outcome is therefore a very holistic one in which specific discomforts have been eased with and overall relaxation achieved at the same time.”
Helen, Head Teacher

“Lara has given me an excellent Indian head massage before and a friend recommended I try her Japanese facial massage as another relaxing treatment. I’m happy to say this treatment was one of the best I’ve ever received (and I’ve had a lot!), deeply relaxing and made my skin feel fantastic. I felt revitalized afterwards and had a great night’s sleep that night. It made me realize how hard our facial muscles work and they often go neglected – not any more, I can’t wait to book my next Japanese facial massage with Lara.”
Stephanie, Writer

“I was looking round for a facial treatment that offers more than the use of lots of skin creams and simple massage. Since discovering Lara’s Japanese face massage I haven’t looked back. I find that the treatment gives lasting benefit, my face looks lifted and my eyes are brighter. Also, I have a lot of tension in my neck and this is hugely improved. I would recommend Lara to anyone seeking such treatment.”
Barbara, Retail Manager

“I started seeing Lara about my sinuses, which have cleared. She has also helped me with my neck pain and digestive problems. Thank you so much Lara.”
Anne, Teacher

“Thanks to Lara’s massage skills I can now raise my arm above my head without experiencing any pain or tightness, which is wonderful.”
Jenny, Retired

“I have lost a significant amount of swelling around my ankles and can now walk without any pain. I really look forward to my treatments with Lara as I find lymphatic drainage very gentle and very relaxing.”
Clare, Teacher

“I feel like I have been put together again.”
Michael, IT

“I’ve had lots of massages and this is the most amazing massage ever.”
Sandra, Clinical Psychologist

“Lara finds the areas needing attention and treats them specifically and effectively. The treatment is managing my pain and tension very well and is also very relaxing and enjoyable.”
Thomasin, Mature student 

“I feel a foot taller and a lot slimmer after one of Lara’s massages.
Helena, Receptionist